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Hair Therapy

For the past week or so I’ve been feeling dull. This transition into our Oregon “summer” aka small bits of amazing blue sky and sunshine followed by several days of doom and gray gloom is dragging on a little longer than I would prefer. I needed a little pick me up. I walked into Bishops–an ultimate northwest hipster salon of sorts–and totally lucked out because Roxy was working.

Bishops is the type of place where there are weird Coney-Island-Like murals and artwork on the walls, and the stylists most certainly fall into the hipster category by meeting at least 4 out of the 5 criteria: 1. listens to alternative indie/folk music, 2. wearing black + something vintage, 3. at least 1 tattoo, 4. fake readers, or thick plastic glasses, and 5. probably rides a bike. Automatically meets criteria if facial hair is modeled after historical figure or hair is dyed color that is not naturally occurring such as teal or lavender.

Created by two tween girls residing on “the unit.” Mostly a commentary on the staff working but it basically applies to all hipsters.

I told Roxy I needed a hair intervention stat. Yes, a little dramatic but whatever. Do recall that it was not too long ago that I was somewhere in between the horse girl hair and Cousin Itt stage, no longer channeling Brook Shield’s Blue Lagoon locks. After suggesting some caramel highlights, Roxy started her magic. Did I forget to mention that Bishops serves free Miller High Life “The Champagne of Beers,” while you get your coif cared for? I was thoroughly enjoying my cheap day at the hipster spa. A little beer, some caramel highlights for the summer, a nice shampoo and scalp massage, with a few layers to boot. *Sigh, sooo relaxing.

Et voilà!

I am so ready for some fun in the sun!


Long and Luscious vs. Horse Girl Hair: Cheveux de Cheval

There is a very fine line between having long healthy hair and having what I like to call “horse girl hair.” Don’t get me wrong, I grew up riding horses and still enjoy a good trek with friends from time to time. There’s nothing quite like cantering in the woods near Mt. Rainier when the suns shining down.

However, there are always 1 or 2 girls who REALLY enjoy horses–horse girls–so much so that they want their own mane to match their equine equivalent.

Perhaps it’s a matter of feeling “connected” to their horse (read friend). Or even some inner horse girl fashion standard that I’m not aware of. The point is, that a person should never be confused with a four-legged beast, and I hate to say it, but I was getting too close to this point for comfort.

When I start to wear my hair up more than down, it’s probably time to consider a cut or at least a trim. I was channeling a combo of Cousin Itt and a horse girl. AHH!


So I got a trim (4 inches) but I’m not totally satisfied. It’s just a little boring…

Maybe I should channel a little horse hair and go for the ombre look. After all, horses had this style long before any celebrities made the grow-out look popular.

Locks of Hair Everywhere

The hair is the richest ornament of women. -Martin Luther

Recently I have been battling with my hair. I’m sure this is common for most women. Things like “that awkward length,” come into play, and women inevitably cut their bangs or hair once again because they simply can’t stand the transition stage—which can last years. This I’m certain, is why most women do not have long hair. Somehow, I have managed to grow out the bangs and get back to long layered locks.

I have had long hair for the majority of my life. I was sold on growing it long after watching Blue Lagoon with Brook Shields’ amazing tresses blowing in the wind.

No one can deny the impact this (soft core) movie had on women’s desires to have long luscious hair.

My battle however, is primarily a phsycial one–as in–if I sleep with my hair down it literally wraps around my neck in the night and starts to choke me! Thus, I have become quite fond of creating a “top knot,” as my nightly “do.”

It’s when it’s so long that it becomes a hassle (or safety issue 🙂 ), that I like to take a poll from friends to decide the next steps. The girls say “yeah cut it! It’ll look cute!” and the guys say “NOOO. Do not cut it. Whatever you do.” One male friend even said he wouldn’t speak with me if I cut my hair even an inch! Extreme, but hair is an extreme issue. This gender specific divide leaves me to wonder about the biological undertones of the matter. In talking with a co-worker (also in the field of psychology) we concluded that long hair is attractive to men because biologically, it signifies fertility. Think about it. In extreme cases of health issues such as eating disorders or endocrine problems, hair is one of the first things impacted–becoming brittle, dry, and even falling out. Biologically, men are driven to “plant their seed where it will thrive,” i.e. in a healthy body. Lovely I know (we won’t get into the biology of how often men are planting seeds and in how many places). Therefore, men are likely to be more attracted to long healthy hair. The hypothesis derived at therefore, is that other women are territorial about that seed, and will work to sabotage the competition, encouraging them to be “less fertile looking.” Hmm.

With this logic, I guess I should keep my hair long? Haha ridiculous.

*Disclaimer-this is just silly ramblings and is not meant to be taken very seriously 😉