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Art & Photography

I’ve added a new art & photography page (see above) that I will update every so often. I may eventually post some pieces that are for sale. Always up for a commission.

Art Journals documenting my life from 1993-2008

Up-cycled antique N. I'm convinced that adding light elements to anything old can instantly bring it to a new level.

Jazz print series-Charlie Parker 1/10

Jazz print series-BB King 2/5

Babette-Acrylic on canvas

Light box series "Keepsakes", Chicago IL

Light box detail

"Removing Masks" art therapy/altered book

One time, I photographed myself everyday for 9 months. Silly photo assignments... Shot # 4

*Please do not re-use my images unless I have given you direct permission to do so. Thanks!

Beautiful or Useful

Everything a person owns should be beautiful or useful, preferably both.

I have not lived in any one location longer than a year, since I left for undergrad over 10 years ago. Around month 8 I start to get antsy to leave–I need a change. Moving is always the last result, and of course I try everything else to settle myself prior to lugging my stuff into a new place. But truly I have moved into a new home every year out of shear boredom. It’s around month 4 that I start to re-arrange the different rooms of the house to feel as if I’m actually somewhere new. I know it’s no good when I end up with the “original” configuration that I started with when I first moved in–which is when I end up moving. However, this bizarre and nomadic process allows me to purge quite a bit of stuff that has collected over the years. It’s interesting to see what things have made the final cuts. Journals, books, cameras, art, and a few collections of very colorful things such as thread (which I still sew with) and vintage swizzle sticks that my grandpa collected.

When I look around my little home, I imagine how quickly I can pack it up. What would I keep if I was only allowed one backpack?

My (newest) camera (there are 5 on these shelves alone and you can barely see the tri-pod with the 6th extra body on the right) and my passport. I’ve recently been looking into the idea of living on a boat.

I’ve been in my current home for 10 months. I’m back to the original furniture arrangement.

Any thoughts on my next adventure?