Daily Archives: June 22, 2012

Hair Therapy

For the past week or so I’ve been feeling dull. This transition into our Oregon “summer” aka small bits of amazing blue sky and sunshine followed by several days of doom and gray gloom is dragging on a little longer than I would prefer. I needed a little pick me up. I walked into Bishops–an ultimate northwest hipster salon of sorts–and totally lucked out because Roxy was working.

Bishops is the type of place where there are weird Coney-Island-Like murals and artwork on the walls, and the stylists most certainly fall into the hipster category by meeting at least 4 out of the 5 criteria: 1. listens to alternative indie/folk music, 2. wearing black + something vintage, 3. at least 1 tattoo, 4. fake readers, or thick plastic glasses, and 5. probably rides a bike. Automatically meets criteria if facial hair is modeled after historical figure or hair is dyed color that is not naturally occurring such as teal or lavender.

Created by two tween girls residing on “the unit.” Mostly a commentary on the staff working but it basically applies to all hipsters.

I told Roxy I needed a hair intervention stat. Yes, a little dramatic but whatever. Do recall that it was not too long ago that I was somewhere in between the horse girl hair and Cousin Itt stage, no longer channeling Brook Shield’s Blue Lagoon locks. After suggesting some caramel highlights, Roxy started her magic. Did I forget to mention that Bishops serves free Miller High Life “The Champagne of Beers,” while you get your coif cared for? I was thoroughly enjoying my cheap day at the hipster spa. A little beer, some caramel highlights for the summer, a nice shampoo and scalp massage, with a few layers to boot. *Sigh, sooo relaxing.

Et voilà!

I am so ready for some fun in the sun!