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Help Them Hope



Help Them HOPE is excited to Partner with Personal Philanthropy, a 501c3 in the USA who serves as our fundraising partner, assuring all US donations are tax deductible and fully accounted.  All donations receipts will demonstrate the name Personal Philanthropy, who themselves keep no portion of the donation and pass 100% to Help Them HOPE.

About Help Them Hope:

Help Them HOPE is an organization that works toward increasing independence for disadvantaged youth with disabilities in Peru by supporting education, employment, independent living and personal responsibility. Help Them HOPE was originally founded by John Whelan, from Ireland, who saw the need for more opportunity for disadvantaged youth with disabilities throughout Peru.

In 2006, John visited Peru and volunteered at the Hogar de San Francisco de Assis, a home for economically disadvantaged children and young adults with disabilities and medical needs. He soon realized that the children’s potential to gain education and employment once they left the Hogar was very low.

Upon this realization, John sought to establish an organization that would provide the needed resources, support, and programs these individuals require in order to achieve their educational, career and independent living goals. John wanted to give these youth a chance to escape from the cycle of poverty that so frequently affects those with disabilities. He believes that with a little support, there is hope and opportunity for the youth to better their lives and change the way we all see the world.

Getting Down to Business:

We are working to raise money to cover ONE YEAR of overhead costs for the Center for HOPE in Lima, Peru. The Center of HOPE is designed to further the education of the youth with disabilities that they serve and offer them resources and guidance to create their own plan for a more independent future. Below is the itemized cost scale so you can pitch in to help keep it running. 

Gas, Water, Electricity for the Center: $80/month, $960/year

Internet and Telephone for the Center: $150/month, $1800/year

Legal and Accounting Services: $130/month, $1560/year

Office Materials: $50/month, $600/year

Food Costs for the Center: $100/month, $1200/year

Books for Students: $40/month, $480/year

Transport Costs for Staff and Students: $100/month, $1200/year

TOTAL: $650/month, $7800/year


Just A Thought…

Think about how much most of us spend per month on the non-essentials of life. How much do we spend on dining out, books, pedicures, new shoes, drinks after work, concerts, airplane tickets, home furnishings, clothes and the movies? For one month, I challenge you to put a little bit of that aside and give to Help Them HOPE. If 100 people gave just $78.00, which, let’s be honest, is less than most of us spend out to dinner or on a grocery run, we’d reach our goal. Come on, just do it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!